Office reopening plan during the Coronavirus pandemic.

After working remotely for the past few months due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are excited to announce that our office reopened on Monday, May 18, 2020. Although we will not be meeting with clients in-person for the foreseeable future, we are available to work with you and your family through alternative methods of communication, including, telephone conference calls, video conference calls and email communications.

Trust Reformation

Occasionally a deceased person may have left a trust for their family, friends or a charity, and that trust subsequently encounters technical questions that may affect how the document is interpreted and, in turn, how its assets will be distributed to the beneficiaries.

Our attorneys are experienced in complex trust matters and are capable of working with trustees and beneficiaries to prepare documentation offering a reasonable resolution of a complex trust question that may be used in the Court system when seeking a judicial interpretation of such technical questions.

To schedule a free initial consultation regarding trust reformation, contact or call our attorneys at 401-455-3500 to set up an appointment.

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