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How to Start an Estate Plan in RI

A well-designed estate plan begins with a complete assessment of your finances and an understanding of what you wish to accomplish. To begin planning, and so we are fully prepared to give you the best advice possible, please tell us about yourself and your needs by completing our Estate Planning Information Form. Upon receipt of the completed form, we will review your information and be prepared to intelligently discuss estate planning options at our initial meeting.

The completion of the following form is optional and is representative of the type of information we request when we prepare estate planning documents. Transmission of the information and material herein is not intended to create, and receipt thereof does not constitute, an agreement to create an attorney-client relationship with Mignanelli & Associates, Ltd.or any member thereof.


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A Note on Confidentiality: Information gathering is a valuable component of providing you the best service possible. We treat your information with utmost confidentiality in accordance with our privacy policies. We do not disclose any personal information at any time, except as may be required by law, or at your direction. Transmission of any information via website, email, fax or mail or other medium does not create or constitute a client/attorney relationship.

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